Dayane Zaragoza is a hardworking junior at the school of Science and Technology. She devotes herself to her work and always tries her best. She is a returning member of the school newspaper The Russ. She feels that she can do better this time around. Dayane wrote for the paper when she was a freshmen and now as a junior she thinks that she will be more mature and work harder to contribute to the paper. She has many hobbies but one of her favorites is playing the piano. She enjoys playing and having others listen to her. She hopes to improve on her current skills and revisit old songs to bring the best out of them with her newly improved skills. She thinks that to help others in any way possible is always the right and best choice. Although she does not have her future plans ready she thinks that when the time comes she will be able to work things out. Dayane is going to put all her effort in the rest of the school year to get higher quality grades and make a meaningful contribution to The Russ.

Dayane Zaragoza, staff writer

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