2016-2017 Staff

Dayane Zaragoza

staff writer

Dayane Zaragoza is a hardworking junior at the school of Science and Technology. She devotes herself to her work and always tries her best. She is a returning member of the school newspaper The Russ. She...

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Claire Hathaway

Assistant Editor

This is Claire Hathaway. She is 15-years old and a sophomore at San Diego High, School of International Studies. Her favorite subjects are math and chemistry, as well as French. Claire has been speakin...

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Harrison Glazebrook

Co-Editor in Chief

Let me tell you about a Sophomore named Harrison Glazebrook. His mother is an English Immigrant and his father moved from Colorado to San Diego when he was in his thirties. When Harrison was born his Moth...

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Scott Anglim

Staff Writer

Scott Anglim is a 10th grader at International Studies. He speaks English and French fluently, but above all else, he’s a nerd. His main vice is an obsession with film, television, and literature, as ...

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Andrew Serrato

Staff Writer

Hello, let me introduce you to my friend Andrew Serrato. He is a 9th grader at San Diego High, school of international studies. Andrew usually is called ‘Andy’ because he has been called that ever si...

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Jackie Torres

Staff Writer

Jacqueline Torres is a sixteen year-old attending San Diego, High School of Business and Leadership. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She enjoys the culture, how generous the people are, and th...

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Bilal Roache

Staff Writer

Bilal Roache is an athlete, artist, and a couch potato. Bilal lives with his mom, dad and four siblings. Roache mainly plays basketball and boxes, but aside from that he plays baseball and runs track. ...

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Joe Ryan

Staff Writer

Born in San Francisco on Dec 08, 2000, Joseph Ryan has had an odd life. At age two his parents, sister, and he moved to Boston Massachusetts. There his family adopted two other children. For seven years...

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Aruzhan Uriarte

co-editor in chief

Aruzhan Uriarte has been raised in a diverse family that influences her to be open-minded in the way that she thinks and speaks. The way that she spoke and acted, as a young girl, caused her to be isolated...

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