Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Teachers Moving On ~ Ms. Millen

Joseph Ryan, staff writer, sophomore

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Each year we say goodbye to the graduating seniors as they take flight to life and their future endeavors. Friends may never see each other again while some will last a lifetime. But this year we will also bid farewell to teachers who are retiring or moving on. They have devoted their lives to teaching, passing on life experiences and words of advice as well as encouragement.

Ms. Millen has been at San Diego High for over 9 years. As an English teacher, she has seen the changes and demands made of the English/Language Arts department. Some of those have not been very popular or referred to as “cookie cutter” program where teaching is guided by the text and not the needs of the students. These are several reasons why some teachers move on regardless of how much they want to stay. Ms. Millen is a teacher who is passionate about what she teaches and brings in other interests in order to inspire and drive her students such as her wall of butterflies outside of her classroom. Ms. Millen, you will be missed. May the next part of your career be a “puuuuurrfect” place for your heart and love of teaching.

TR: “What was your experience like, teaching at SDHS throughout your career?”

Ms. Millen: “So, for the first nine years, I really loved it here. I loved my students. I really felt like we were a community; I felt like this was a place where students could feel safe, and I loved every moment of it.

TR: “Do you still feel that way about this campus?”

Ms. Millen: “No. Not anymore. Not even a little bit. I no longer feel that my teaching philosophy fits the philosophy of the current administration.”

TR: “What will you remember most about the school, staff, and students?”

Ms. Millen: “The thing I’ll remember most is that feeling of community, and feeling that we all really loved each other.”

TR: “What are your plans after this school year?”

Ms. Millen: “I’m probably going to end up at Madison or Hoover, and continue to teach.”

TR: “Do you have any parting words for the staff and students?”

Ms. Millen: “Meow!”

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  1. John Middleton on June 29th, 2017 11:20

    Good luck, Ms. Millen!


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Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Teachers Moving On ~ Ms. Millen