Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Retiring Teachers ~ Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones, Mathematics

Harrison Glazebrook, staff writer, sophomore

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Each year we say goodbye to the graduating seniors as they take flight to life and their future endeavors. Friends may never see each other again while some will last a lifetime. But this year we will also bid farewell to our retiring teachers. They have devoted their lives to teaching, passing on life experiences and words of advice as well as encouragement.
Mr. Jones has been on the faculty of San Diego High for most of his career. He also happened to meet his wife here. He has never wanted to leave since coming here and just as the school has changed he also went thru his own changes. He will miss being with his students as his students will miss spending time with him. We hope your next chapter is as filled with wonder as your time here as SDH has been.
Good luck on that train ride of life!

TR: How has your experience teaching at San Diego High been?

Teaching at San Diego High has been great. I spent most of my career in education here, and I never wanted to go anywhere else. I also met my wonderful wife (Mrs. Jones) here. When I started, I had long hair and lived in Ocean Beach. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed and I’ve become so domesticated.

TR: What will you remember most about SDHS?

That’s hard to summarize. I’ve seen a lot of teachers and staff come and go over the years and we’ve always had a great team. We all have different styles and different personalities, but there is a shared commitment to providing an education.
The English Department in the 90’s were a particularly fun and rowdy bunch! Even though I teach math, they let me in the club. I hope the Tournament of Nerds keeps going. I will miss the banter and nerd-speak with my students!

TR: Any plans after retirement?

I’m not sure yet, but I hope the future is an open book with a lot more pages. I’m looking forward to going to rock concerts on school nights! Since I decided to retire, I’ve had “School’s Out,” by Alice Cooper playing in my head. Maybe I’ll let my hair grow again, but I’ll probably look like Gandalf.”

TR: Any parting words for staff and students?
Math is fun. Keep your sense of humor, even in dark times. Sometime in your life, even in some small way . . .  stick it to the man!
I wish I were a headlight on a northbound train.

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Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Retiring Teachers ~ Mr. Jones