Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Retiring Teachers

Mrs. Jones, Mathematics

Harrison Glazebrook, staff writer, sophomore

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Each year we say goodbye to the graduating seniors as they take flight to life and their future endeavors. Friends may never see each other again while some will last a lifetime. But this year we will also bid farewell to our retiring teachers. They have devoted their lives to teaching, passing on life experiences and words of advice as well as encouragement.
Mrs. Jones has been on the faculty of San Diego High throughout her career and has seen the campus change. She has taught math to countless Cavers. You will be missed but remembered fondly.
Good luck in your travels and adventures.

TR: What will you remember most about your career at San Diego High?
I will remember when I first came to San Diego High. I have never wanted to teach at any school like I wanted to teach here. The campus was amazing with a view of the Coronado Bridge and the Cortez Hotel. I started teaching here almost directly after I graduated from Kearny High. I have been here for every big change to the high school. I remember the spilitting of the schools.

TR: What are you planning to do after retirement?
This is going to sound cliche, but my husband and I will definitely enjoy traveling. Just being free of work and not having a bell schedule will be great. I also look forward to having more free time to use my gym membership. I am not leaving in bad taste just so you know. I loved my job.

TR: Any parting words to teachers and students of SDHS?
I grew up here, teaching here has been my life. I have gone through many phases of teaching. I used to think you should say no to students to let them gain independence, but I have found that being kind and saying yes gives more positive feedback. So if anything I want my legacy to be kind to each other.

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One Response to “Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Retiring Teachers”

  1. Jason Darter on June 12th, 2017 09:02

    I want to wish my former colleagues well as they embark on their next adventures. It sometimes seems like a blink of an eye since I left SDHS behind but the memories are fond, particularly of these three wonderful souls.


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Saying Goodbye and Thank You To San Diego High’s Retiring Teachers