Pros and Cons of High School PE

Andrew Serrato, staff writer, freshman

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Instruction in work, mindset, and body changes focused on simple gymnastic exercises to a course of study providing achievement in bodily fitness and grace of movement does have its flaws from the different point of views to the point where it becomes debatable.

A good curriculum must be rounded and must encompass all subjects to the point where high school student’s academic life feels supported. But, a balance between positive and negative aspects debates whether high school teenagers should be taking physical education in throughout the nation.

The pros and cons of mandating physical education classes are debated among parents, students and educators alike. The class is much different than how parents think it is so it is not surprising that today’s students and parents are questioning why it is even a mandatory course Cavers take in order to graduate.

Students taking P.E. are taught to build character and healthy habits as a lifestyle. However, for someone who does not enjoy physical education, some reasons they feel self-conscious, not fit, or left out. Taking the course allows someone to help themselves in a state of mind that can change the way they think and learn. International Studies freshman Avani Nuñez said: “Physical education benefits me in the morning by making me feel more awake, stretching my legs and preparing myself for the rest of the day.”

Also, teenagers who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than others who are out of shape. But, students who are out of shape may go through depression or a phase where their physical features are put in the spotlight. Avani added: “Being physically healthy benefits me as a person because it not only makes me healthier, but it makes me a stronger person. Benefiting me by being happier within my own body and personality.”

Focusing on the pros of the course, the class has a connection with the prevention of mental diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity that can be prevented by the help of keeping track of lifestyle and habits. According to, an online informational website, physical education classes help children develop fine and gross motor skills, learn cooperation and teamwork, reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Science and Technology physical education coach Ramos said, “Physical education is a great plus not just mentally, but emotionally, psychologically, as well as physically.”

However, maintenance and the necessary items for a particular unit is something to be understood. The cost of materials, equipment, remodeling, and the upkeep of the school’s gym is all money funded for physical education specifically, and some undergraduates do not take that into consideration when they mistreat items that are given to them for use.

Since the class can be a scary and intimidating someone can easily be put on a side where they are left out due to body size. Self-discrimination connects with intimidation when an embarrassment of overweight and habits that keep someone from doing activities presented throughout the class.

According to online group,, adolescent obesity has become an issue in the United States to many important implications for both the health and well-being of the individual and society. Specific negative aspects are tied to a host of diseases like chronic health disorders, psychological disorders, and premature death. This stage in a teenagers life is where their roots sprout and are likely to follow up into their adulthood. One out of every six adolescents is overweight, and one out of every three is at risk.

Not only during school hours but outside in personal lives, teenagers should have second thoughts about their eating habits. Being in high school students intake more calories from sugar-sweetened beverages and fruit juices than in the past, and more than half are consumed at home. Not only relying on others, but scholars also need to make the contribution of their part into wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But, with the presence in a class like P.E. can help reduce the teenage obesity rate in the United States. Boosting the immune system from a workout can become very helpful when being constantly active. Physical activity helps improve the body’s potential to fight off diseases and unwelcome bacteria from entering the system.

High school students who are constantly active are exposed to less stress due to the sharp mind and build of character formed by the activities. International Studies freshman Madison Deguzman said: “Being constantly active helps my body wake up and get my blood pumping. With this advantage, I use it to relieve all stress that I have and let it exert my mind so I can feel better.”

Coach Ramos added: “Physical education can help you relieve stress because you go from being uptight or stressed out about schoolwork to all of a sudden being able to relieve all that stress during class hours. Not only during P.E but any physical activity that keeps your adrenaline going that will keep you constantly active.”

Nevertheless, students take physical education as a high school graduation requirement giving them no choice. For those who are not in favor physical activity, they stand around during P.E hours doing nothing because they either do not like being active in general or in sports children do not prefer may lead them not to feel able to perform.

The personal benefit, stress reliever, better health, and build of character are reasons high school students should be taking physical education in high school. However, bullying, self-discrimination for body type, budget, and the risk of injuries are some reasons why physical education should not be a graduation requirement. The topic continues with its different points of views from teachers, staff and most importantly Cavers of SDHS.

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Pros and Cons of High School PE