AP is Meant to Prepare

Dayane Zaragoza, staff writer, junior

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Advanced Placement are courses offered at most high schools that are meant to help prepare the student for college life.

In San Diego High school there is a variety of AP classes open for students to choose from. The goal of AP is to help students develop study skills to use when they enter college. Despite what is said about these courses there is a split in opinions about advanced placement. A portion of students say that despite the goal AP has it does not benefit students to take such courses rather it overworks them and causes stress. Other students believe that it is a benefit since they get ready for college and even earn credits towards it.

AP classes have different advantages to them. The class is weighted this makes each letter grade worth one more point on the scale. That means that a letter B grade is worth four points instead of the standard three. It also helps earn college credit if students decide to take the end of the course exam and pass with a minimum score of three. Aside from this, it looks excellent on a college application. These classes, however, are more work than the others. It implies taking the time out of one’s day to finish all the tasks assigned. Taking multiple AP courses at once can become even harder since every single one will give their own workload. This can cause the student to get over whelmed and stressed about their studies causing them to over work themselves.

To students who are not taking any AP classes, their view is slightly different. However, it still shows how those courses are being given. Science and Technology junior Rosa Gomez said, “They’re more helpful… it does give you college credit.” The students are aware that they do help and are especially useful to those who want to go to college to further their education. Despite this, they also know what comes with taking the classes. Gomez said, “They do not have the time to work on other things that they have to do classes that are also important that are not AP.” Even though these help the students those, who do not take it recognize that it is hard work.

There are students who take AP and see their effects Business and Leadership junior Blanca Orozco said, “It gives you college credit, and it boosts your GPA.” Students grade point average gets a raise since the class is worth more than the other ones. They do understand that it is directly proportional to other situations. Orozco said, “You have to work harder, and there’s harder class work.” More work is involved with taking an AP class and more often than not the work given is more advanced than the standard class.

Educators who teach AP classes understand that there is a difference between the regular classes that they have and the advanced. Sci-Tech AP English Language teacher Ms. Millen said, “You can expect more from AP students.” When someone is taking an advanced class a majority of staff have different expectations from the student. Ms. Millen added, “They need to take care of themselves and keep track of themselves because eventually they’re gonna go to college.” AP students are supposed to be more responsible with their work. More often the teachers expect AP student’s to further expand their education.

Students and educators understand that AP helps with those who want to go to college and they also know that it is hard to take the classes especially when a student takes multiple advanced placement classes in the same semester. Advanced placement comes with both benefits and drawbacks for the students. It is up to the individual student to decide what is best for them.

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AP is Meant to Prepare