When The Going Gets Tough

RJ Uriarte, staff writer

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Relationships can be hard in high school, which is why it is not surprising that so many couples break-up right before summer break. Whether the twosome is just a fling or is serious about their relationship, the love may just not last past the first week of June. This happens for a number of reasons. Summer is a time for independence, and the thought of being tied to someone can cause a significant other to end the relationship. Also, the sun and the weather have various effects on the human mind causing an uplift is happiness and a reflection on a coupling.

Summer break is the time when most teenagers are going to the beach, attending parties and lapsing in their newfound independence. This new life causes high school students to reject anything that can impede on to themselves. Elite Daily writer Gigi Engle said: “All of your differences will suddenly become very apparent. Suddenly, he or she starts to feel like more of a burden than a comfort.”

The school vacation also brings new trials to a relationship, since the couple is not seeing each other every day there can be a change in attraction. Amherst College psychology professor Catherine Sanderson said: “People may exercise more in the summer due to warmer weather and that can increase feelings of arousal, simply by the act of doing arousing activities.” She added, “Warm weather- fewer clothes- could increase arousal.”

International Studies sophomore Catherine Davis said: “Last year, I broke up with my boyfriend in May because I realized that I didn’t want to be with him during summer break. Like I wanted to expand my horizons and make new friends and not have to worry about having to call and see him all the time.”

The heat of summer is also credited with breaking up many teenage relationships. Coffee Meets Bagel relationship consultant Hephzy Asaolu said: “Sunlight increases the levels of Serotonin and Dopamine. Testosterone production is also enhanced by the light.” This happens when teenagers go into the sunlight for long periods of time they become happier, and also male hormone levels rise. With the rise of testosterone can come the urge for the male to explore more options in his dating life. Biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher said, “Everyone is outside wearing far fewer clothes. All the smells, sights and sounds that stimulate the brain; the sunshine that drives down the melatonin and gives us energy.”

International Studies Leah Hazeldon said: “I want a boyfriend but I don’t want the responsibility like I want to have fun. Like during the winter maybe but in the summer no thanks, I just want to go to the beach and hang out with some of my friends.”

However, there are ways to elude the break-up season and continue to uphold a strong relationship. The first way is to trust your significant other, without trust there can be no real relationship.  Secondly, communicate, with the ever growing internet and social media there are multiple ways to contact said, boyfriend or girlfriend. Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. With communication comes having a conversation about where the relationship is going and how it will be upheld. Finally, something as big as summer break will cause multiple changes in the way the relationship works.  Accept the developments and more forward with an open mind.

Summer is a difficult time for couples to sustain a relationship. It causes the duo to crave independence which may cause dysfunctionality. The sunlight causes the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin to rise which may also lead to breaking up. However, if the couple is serious they can maintain a healthy relationship.

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When The Going Gets Tough