Top 20 Things To Do Over Summer

Andrew Serrato, staff writer, freshman

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After ten months of endless homework, exams, studying, projects and being stuck in a class with the same people can be a very stressful. But, this summer is the chance for Cavers to go out and do activities that would not just be entertaining but really fun to enjoy to get rid of that stress. Trying new things will help everyone live and enjoy their break the right way. Here is a list of things all teenagers might want to consider doing on their time off of school.

Going for a picnic – Old fashion, yet very fun. Taking family and friends to your local park and having some delicious lunch is never a wrong thing to do.

TR suggests: Balboa Park, Mission Bay, Seaport Village, Morley Fields

The outdoors – Unplugging from the internet and going outdoors with friends can be more fun than someone thinks. Being able to gasp some fresh air outdoors can calm oneself from stress or anxiety.

TR suggests: Old Town, Cabrillo National Monument, Torrey Pines Gliderport, La Jolla Shores

Finding the nearest body of water – Does not matter if it is a lake, river, beach or somewhere else. This summer the nearest body of water can be an escape zone or simply a place where someone can go to enjoy themselves.

TR suggests: Mission Beach (South), Coronado Beach, Ocean Beach

Walk or hike somewhere – Humans have legs, they need to use them. Going for a walk around around the park or even around the block can help someone relax and get things off their mind when needed to.

TR suggests: Iron Mountain Trail, Cuyamaca Peak Loop Trail,  Cowles Mountain, Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail

Try something new – Now that teenagers will have their time off, it is the good chance to try something new.

TR suggests: Try new foods, new clothing styles, new food diets

Workout – People are always talking about how they want that “Summer body,” during the break that is a perfect chance to do so.

TR suggests: Workout at home, the park, or at a gym

Go to family events – Spending time with loved ones is a perfect way to getting to know where the family origin and make family memories.

TR suggests: Barbecues, family and friends birthdays, family game night

Do some housework – With the amount of time given, it is enough for someone to work around the house and improve their living environment.

TR suggests: Chores, make your room, clean the house, remodel your room

Go to Balboa Park – Balboa Park is a great San Diego attraction sight and now during the summer one can enjoy the beautiful tourist attractions there.

TR suggests: Spanish Village Art Center, California Tower, El Cid Statue, House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, museums

Attend a fair or festival – A chance to enjoy the Ferris wheel, roller coasters, concerts and much more is something to take advantage of this summer.

TR suggests: San Diego County Fair, San Diego Festival of the Arts, Student Film Festival, Santee Fido Fest, Adams Avenue Street Fair

Sleep in – After a tiresome school year of endless work maybe all someone needs is a long comforting sleep throughout the whole day. Sleeping away all problems and not having to worry about anything.

TR suggests: Sleepover with best friends.

Make some fruity drinks – Making a smoothie is very refreshing and also a good way to cool the body during the sweltering heat. So smoothies are a good go to.

TR suggests: Strawberry banana smoothie, coconut pineapple smoothie, tropical fruit smoothie. You can find these recipes at

Volunteer – It is never too late to help those in need or to volunteer in places around your community. It does not matter if it is picking up trash, helping the elderly or helping the neighbors. It is always helpful to be a volunteer.

TR suggests: Local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), San Diego Food Bank, senior recreation center, local animal shelter

Apply for a summer job – This summer is a great chance to get an adult life experience by applying for a summer job, even better, applying with a friend.

TR suggests: Work as a neighborhood lawn mower, a babysitter, car wash attendant, dog walker

Attend or host a bonfire – Bonfires are a lot of fun. Going out and gathering up with good friends while socializing and making smores is such a good idea for the upcoming summer.

TR suggests: Bonfires pits at Mission Bay Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and La Jolla Shores

Visit the zoo – Going to the zoo can be a fun activity, not only for young kids but also teenagers. A great chance to visit animals from all around the world and learn a little bit more about wildlife.

TR suggests: Visit Skyfari Aerial Tram, Elephant Odyssey, pandas, polar bears, and guided bus tour even if it is not an exhibit

Find a movie drive-in – Being in high school someone has a big chance at knowing someone with a car. With this chance, they can go into a drive-in to watch a movie. It would also make perfect for a romantic date.

TR suggests:  South Bay Drive-In and Santee Drive-In

Watching the sunset – Everywhere is within an hour of a great spot to watch a sunset. Someone may have hills in your area that they can climb to where they can watch the sunset over your town or even the beach. Any place visible of the sun is a great spot to watch the sunset off into the horizon.

TR suggests: A beach, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Cabrillo National Monument

Create a memory book – Put together a memory book. Could be about a special time during someone’s life or about their summer events. Time flies by really fast and nows the chance to capture every moment.

TR suggests: Favorite subjects, best memories, friends made, hopes and feelings

Enjoy some summer sports – There is no doubt that winter sports are the most fun to watch, but summer sports are the most fun to play. Gathering up with friends and enjoying some sports someone is interested is a great way to be active during the summer.

TR suggests: Swimming, water polo, surfing, volleyball

Enjoy your summer Cavers and have fun!




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Top 20 Things To Do Over Summer