Don’t Do This!

Joseph Ryan, staff writer, sophomore

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Summer is fast approaching, and with it, a plethora of things to do. And while many great choices present themselves, some negative choices pop up as well. With that in mind, here are twenty warnings on what NOT  to do over the summer.


  1.  Procrastinate – While summer is a great time to relax, remember that your next year of school is only two and a half months away. Make sure to do what you have to to be ready.
  2.  Lose contact with your friends – Spending nearly three months away from school is an easy way to break apart with old friends. Make sure to keep in touch with them.
  3.  Sleep in and waste time – Summer is the best time to go on new adventures, and laying in bed all day is a waste. Get up, because the daylight is burning.
  4.  “Flake” on plans – This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your BFFs. Don’t ruin it by flaking out at the last minute.
  5.  Wear white to barbecues – Just don’t. Sauce stains are not in style.
  6.  Sit inside all day – Similar to number three, don’t waste your time indoors. We wait all year for this time to come around, so take advantage of it! Just wear some sunscreen.
  7.  Forget to spend time with family – Remember the old saying, “friends are awesome, but family is awesomer” or something like that.
  8.  Leave your room looking like a hoarder’s- Summer gives ample time to clean up for a fresh new start. Try to capitalize on this. Think of it as very late spring cleaning.
  9.  Complain – After all the hype and buildup before this sweet break, don’t ruin it by complaining. Stay positive; there is always something fun to do!
  10.   Forget to wear sunblock – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Skin cancer is no fun.
  11.  Stay glued to your phone – There’s a whole world out there. Go explore that! Not the one in the game you’re playing. Lookin’ at you, Clash Royale.
  12.  Sweat the little things – This is summer. It’s supposed to be carefree. Try not to worry about stuff you have no control over. And speaking of sweat. . .
  13.  Forget to wear deodorant – Seriously. Do us all a favor. It’s gonna be hot out, so do what you gotta do to smell fresh.
  14.  Stop reading – Summer is a great time to take it easy and an even better time to pick up a good book. You’ll be glad you did.
  15.  Vacation somewhere cold – With everyone excited about the summer weather, don’t miss out and go somewhere freezing. Enjoy the sun.
  16.  Worry about what others are doing – Of course, some people may be going to Maui or Miami or some other tropical paradise, but that doesn’t mean what you’re doing is any less fun. Try not to be jealous. You’ll only upset yourself more.
  17.  Freak out about dieting – Summer is a time to indulge yourself. Don’t freak out about calorie counting. Do what you can to eat well, but don’t stress too much.
  18.  Wait for an adventure to come to you –  Go out and find one. It’s up to you to make this summer memorable.
  19.  Make dumb decisions – Trust me. It may seem fun, but you’ll regret it later on.


  1.  Forget to have fun – You’ll never have a 2017 summer again, so make the most of your time Cavers!
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Don’t Do This!