Cavers Share Some Teacher Favorites

Harrison Glazebrook, staff writer, sophomore

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With the end of the school year and summer right around the corner, San Diego High students were asked who their favorite class and teacher are.

Bryan Rascon, sophomore – “Mrs. Demer and Coach Ambler because Demer helped me out when I didn’t understand something in [honors] Chemistry. [Ambler], because he is really cool, friendly, and likes to chat.”

Justin Smith, freshman – “Mr. Senteno [he] is the best teacher to me because he is chill and cool.”

Katie Jackson, sophomore – “Ms. Gillette has helped me the most this year with my grades. World History has been the most fun, and I’ve learned the most.”

Kennedy Ruiz, sophomore – “Mrs. O’Connor, she is an awesome and very energetic person. She is very chill, and I like the stories she tells us when we walk into class.”

Sumi Lundell, sophomore – “Mrs. Edwards always motivated us to study and understand why history is important in a fun and humorous way. Her explanations were always easy to understand.”

Sidney McWilliams, senior – “Mrs. Segura, because she always has a great attitude. She also takes a lot of pride in her work, and I know this is her first year here, but she’s doing an amazing job.”

Maria D. Gracia, sophomore – “Coach Alvarado because she is super nice, cool, and understanding.”

Rose Scalo, freshman – “Ms.Whitelock, her positivity makes the class a fun environment. Theater is fun, and I learn so much.”

Arnold Hafner, sophomore – “Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Robinson because they are fun and good learning.”

Anonymous, sophomore – “Ms. Krueger because when ever I’m not doing work she gets on me about it.”

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Cavers Share Some Teacher Favorites