School Starts at 7:25 am! – Barbara Hernandez

Barbara Hernandez, Freshman

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I think that we should enter school at 8:30 am rather than 7:25 am. Every day I have to get up early at 5:00 am so that I can catch the bus and get to school on time. There are days that the bus either comes late or once you’re on, there is always that one person who takes a whole year just to get in. If we were to enter school at 8:30 am, then it would be less of a struggle for us to get to school without tardies, just like you guys like it. There are many people who go thru the same struggle as me or even worse. Because we enter school at 7:25am, I have to make sure to wake up at 4:30am-5am every morning. I have to make sure to look “presentable” like how the principal wants and to do that it takes time. I have to keep in mind that I need to catch the 6:25am bus to get to school at 7:20am. During 4-5:00am I spend my time showering, choosing what to wear, and I usually end up with no time to eat a proper breakfast. Many of my friends go thru the same thing every day, except different situations. If school started at 8:30 every day, there’d be much less tardies. Recently our school has been getting even stricter about tardies and absences. I am positive that a good percent of those tardies are because of the hard struggles students go thru just to get here on time. Many kids are getting lunch detention for something that isn’t even our fault! We can’t control time or tell the word around us to “Please hurry, I gotta get to school by 7:25am.” We can’t manage all of this, we’re just kids. I would understand if a senior/junior with a car or more access to do things on their own would get a tardy slip. They don’t need to rely on anyone else to get them to school on time. If the school really wants us to no longer be tardy, then maybe they should help us out a bit by starting school at 8:30am. If our school insists on starting a 7:25am, then they might as well take off the whole lunch detention thing. It’d be unnecessary because it’s impossible to stop tardies if school starts that early. If our school started at 8:30am, then I would understand if they had tardy sweeps, because then it would be understandable. There wouldn’t be any excuses towards being late if school started at a reasonable time.

Barbara Hernandez, 9th grade

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School Starts at 7:25 am! – Barbara Hernandez