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Dear DeeDee,
I’m a freshman and I’ve been struggling with my grades all school year. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it anymore, I feel like giving up at times. My motivation to getting good grades comes and goes. There are days when I want to be a better person and get it all done but sometimes it brings me down.
What can I do to keep my mind on everything without giving up because I think I won’t get the grades I want?



Hello, S.D,
Everyone has moments when life seems too hard when we feel like giving up is the only option. We think that, no matter how hard we try, we’ll never meet our goals and achieve our dreams. To succeed in high school, you have to do your best at all times. But sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. However, there are ways that you can reset your priorities, refocus your ambitions, and stay motivated. Don’t give up before you’ve tried it. You’re only a freshman, so you have a long way to go, but you can get through this. Here are five ways to stay on the right track.
1. Address Negative Thoughts and Self-talk
If you took a risk and didn’t get the results you hoped for, you asked someone out and he/she turned you down, got a C on a test you studied hard for, it can be difficult to not indulge that little voice in your head that tells you to give up. Combat that negativity with deliberate, positive self-talk and try reframing your situation to gain a new perspective.
2. Focus on High-Impact Activities
The key to success in high school is to stay focused on your homework. Write in your planner every day, and to get an overall idea of your workload for each day. Then, make a plan. Although it’s tempting to do the simplest assignments first, those that take more time and effort to accomplish are probably the ones that you’ll learn the most from.
3. Set Attainable Goals
You can handle any project in small chunks. 
4. Find a Social Support Network
Create a group of people around you who want to help you succeed. Mentors can be teachers or family friends who can give you guidance and help you develop new skills.
5. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments
Give yourself a quick reward when you complete an assignment or task. It is important to always have something to look forward to, to keep you motivated. Wether it be something big, or small. Then move on to the next project.
Following my advice, may not erase all of your problems, but it will help you stay motivated, and get you the grades you want. 
I’m always here if you need me.
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