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Dear DeeDee,

I have a problem, I like a girl but I do not know if I tell her that I like her for fear of being rejected. But the truth is that I like her very much and I love her so I do not know what to do for fear that she does not like me. Maybe she likes someone else, I don’t know and she is so important to me.

What do you advise me to do?

In Love


Hello In Love,
It can be difficult putting yourself out there to tell a girl you like her. Especially in high school, you may be worried that people will talk if you tell her how you feel. Rejection shouldn’t hinder you from telling a girl your true feelings. In these kinds of situations, it may be best to tell her without quite saying, “I like you.”. Here are three easy ways to tell a girl you like her without saying it.

1. Hinting at Your Feelings.
Mention you’re single and looking to date. Try to be casual when you say this, as being direct might be interpreted as too strong; however, it’s possible that the girl you’re interested in hasn’t realized that you’re interesting in dating. For example, you could say things like, “Oh man, I’ve been single way too long. I have the worst luck in romance. How about you?”, or “I’ve been trying to find a date for the dance next week and I’m having the worst luck. I don’t want to go alone.”

2. Draw comparisons between the girl you like, and your ideal.
It’s very common to start talking about your ideal partner, even with girls you are interested in. If you get this opportunity, try to vaguely describe the girl you like as your “ideal” to hint to her you’re interested. You might say something along the lines of, “I just want a girl who is laid back, likes to read, play board games, and pool. Is that too much to ask for?”.

3. Use body language.
Most people get caught up in worrying what to say to show someone how they feel and overlook the very important signals we send with our bodies. This is an effective way to literally tell a girl you like her without speaking a word!. Making eye contact, and turning your entire body (even your feet) toward the girl when you are talking, will show your interest.

These three tips should easily give you a clear view if she likes you or not.

I wish you the best, and I’m always here if you need me.


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In Love – DeeDee