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Dear DeeDee,

In the beginning of the school year, I had trouble doing classwork and homework.  I just forget when I get home that I have homework and I do not write down what was assigned as homework for each class. Currently, I have bad grades. I know I can do better but I just forget.  Are there any ways I can change and start being a good student? I want to be a better student.

B. T.


Hello B.T.,
I am glad that you want to be a better student. It is very important that you write down in your SDHS planner that was provided to you by the school. It was given to you to stay organized and remind you of what you have to do. Taking eight high school classes, maintaining a good GPA, having a social life, and whatever else may be on your plate, can feel a little overwhelming for anyone, to say the least. Staying organized, and ahead of the game is the key to success in high school. Apply the tips below, and you’ll be a better student, and even impress your teachers.

1. Do your homework.

2. Write in your planner daily.

3. Take notes in class, and pay attention.
Make sure they are neat, so you can read them later on. If you don’t pay attention it will be almost impossible for you to understand the lesson by yourself.

4. Look over the next chapters in your textbooks (see warnings) and scan over it.
This way, the next day you will understand more when your teacher explains.

5. Ask to seek clarification.
If you are confused about something in class, ask the teacher. Teachers love questions, but not too many.

These 5 simple tips should have you on your way to becoming a better student!

I hope my advice will help you in the long run.

Remember, I’m always here if you need me.


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