Spring Rally 2017

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San Diego High School’s annual spring rally went down this past Friday and it was, in a word, predictable. It consisted of a presentation of each of our school sport’s teams, a cut-and-paste speech by each team captain, and multiple drawn-out competitions that struggled to hold the audience’s attention.

Though it wasn’t a failure, per-say, it wasn’t a booming success. The same events were seen last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and… I think you get the point. It was generic. It was unoriginal. It lacked what might be called a ‘wow factor’, something to draw the audience in, get them involved, and leave the students cheering.

Speaking of students cheering, there was a surprising lack of enthusiasm. Though the crowd pumpers and ‘MC’s did their best to excite the masses, students were having none of it. Each time an MC called upon a grade level to “make some noise!” and the crowd responded with half-hearted “Ahhhhhhs,” I cringed a little.

The problem with the rally wasn’t the organization. It went off practically without a hitch, and rather smoothly at that. It wasn’t the MC’s either, as they seemed consumed with spirit, and spoke eloquently. The problem wasn’t even that there was a tough crowd, as most students wanted to feel peppy. No, the problem was simply a lack of originality. The crowd knew what was coming, and lost interest because of that.

Further, the rally seemed focused entirely on sports, After all the sports were presented, the rally was basically over. The nerds, the geeks, and the scholars were left out, sitting in the stands and missing sorely needed recognition. The staff wasn’t even involved.

The largest saving grace was when, after heavy prompting from the crowd, senior Miles Streicek took the stage. He got the crowd interested, if only for a few moments. Most expected a “promposal,” a fan favorite at SDHS. Instead, he opted for a speech of thanks and appreciation. Oddly enough, the rally ended when he was rushed off the stage by an MC, though the rally was planned to go twenty minutes longer.

Simply put, the rally was short, bland, and sports oriented. Though it wasn’t a flop, it was far from the spectacle it had the potential to be.

Anonymous sophomore

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Spring Rally 2017