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Hey Dee Dee,

I’ve seen your video on Good Morning San Diego, and I really don’t know who to talk to. I recently got my girlfriend pregnant and I’m so scared. I’m glad there is someone I can really talk to about this.

Thank you,



Hello Anonymous,

I can understand that this is a delicate topic for you and your girlfriend, and it can be terrifying. However, something like this, which needs a solution, should be shared. Whether it’s either of your parents, or a trusted friend or family member, someone that you two are comfortable talking with, should know. Keeping it in longer will merely cause more stress to the situation, and more concern and doubt will come in place.

The point of an adult knowing, is that you’ll have someone entrusted to help you through with this. 

Even though it may seem like a futile choice, and a frightening thought to talk about with someone, it may assure you a positive option, and relax some tension that’s going on.

I hope you and your girlfriend soon find the right answers to deal with this in the best way.

Yours Truly,


Note from the adviser – we sincerely apologize for the late response. There were problems with the email account that delayed DeeDee’s response but those issues have been resolved.

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