AP Registration Forms Lost!!

Dayane Zaragoza, Staff Writer, Junior

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Advanced Placement testing in San Diego High is requesting that the students re-register after the misplacement of the original forms. They were discovered to be missing on April 1st.

The forms with March 3rd deadlines will be taken again by all involved students. The money for the testing is still there, but the forms for registration are not.

Students will have to go through the trouble of hours in line once more. Also, anyone who missed the deadline has another chance to sign up they just need to head to the financial office to turn them in.

Students on campus are furious that they have to go through the process again. Hours of waiting lost class time and exhausting work has to be redone. On the other hand, some of the Cavers who did not turn in the form are rejoicing that they have a chance to take the AP tests.

Science and Technology senior Al Misplaced says, “I had to go to my adviser twice since she was not there the first time it was hard work to find her.” To complete the paper for registration cost students their time on waiting for counselor signature as well as parent ones.

Junior A Posting from the school of International Studies said, “I went on the third to pay, and there was a huge line I spent all my lunch time there even some of my fourth period.” Posting is troubled by the fact that she spent her time waiting in line to turn in papers that are now lost. She continues to say, “I was happy that it was finally over yet now to do that again…I don’t want to.” This thought troubles other students since they have to make their way to the financial office.

Counselor Wannah Talktome mentions, “The registration forms were lost in the transaction of reviewing them. We are looking for them.” Although registration has begun the original ones are still being looked for and once located money will be returned from the second purchase. Another counselor Steven Againnline states, “Rest assured that the counselors will aid in the registration again.” School counselors are ready to begin the sign up once more and are making themselves available to the students.

While some students are preparing to sign up once more, others are turning in their first form. SciTech senior I. N. Field says, “I know some people are stressing, but I am glad that I have the chance to register.” Field had not turned in his papers on time. He added, “I missed the deadline, but now I can turn them in to take my tests.”

Along with turning in the forms, students can change their minds. Junior Stan Nline mentions, “Before I decided not to take the history test but now since I have the chance. I’m just going to go for it.”

The signing and turning in of the registration forms has been effective since April 1st, and the deadline is the end of the month.

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  1. Eileen Forthmeet on April 5th, 2017 11:36

    Why. GD WTF!
    I swear ill find whoever did this and ill punch there lights out!


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AP Registration Forms Lost!!