Say Goodbye to San Diego High’s Sports Teams!

Claire Hathaway, co-editor in chief, sophmore

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Spring sports are in full swing, tryouts just ended and teams are training and getting ready to compete but they may not be able to compete.

As of April 1st, Ms. Athena Lete, the athletic director of San Diego Unified School District announced that there was no more funding left for the remainder of the spring season sports teams. Ms. Lete explained, “At the beginning of the year we get a certain amount of money that is used to fund the sports all year long, once that runs out we don’t have any more money to use that year.” According to Ms. Lete, there is no more money to use for the spring sports, it has already been used up for sports from other seasons. Student athlete Leah Cross from the school of Science and Technology said: “It’s not fair that all the kids who play in fall and winter sports get to play full seasons and not have to worry but we are stuck here and have no more money to play. It shouldn’t be this way we should all be allowed the same amount of money to use on our sports.”

Ms. Lete said, “All spring sports will be canceled, this means boys and girls badminton, baseball, boys golf, boys and girls lacrosse, softball, boys and girls swimming, boys tennis, boys and girls track and field, as well as boys volleyball have been cut and will end soon.” Since this will cause problems for the student-athletes who have already gone through tryouts and made the team, the coaches have worked together to provide an alternate. Coach L.O. Cness explained: “The coaches for each team have made arrangements with other schools to allow San Diego High students to train and compete with their team. However, that means there will be a second round of tryouts that take place at the other school with the members of the other school’s team.”  Student athlete I. Smelsocs from the school of International Studies expressed, “This is completely unfair on behalf of all the players because we all went through a rigorous tryout session and now they told us we have to tryout again.” This tryout will combine both schools athletes and only the best of each school will make the cut.

The schools that will be combining teams will be: boys and girls badminton are now mixed with Madison High School and Coach J. Okes. Tryouts will take place on April 6th at the Sports Complex Gym located at Madison.

Baseball will be training and compete with La Jolla High School, and Coach P. Rank. Tryouts will be on April 7th at the lower field located at La Jolla High School at 12 pm.

Boys Golf will be mixed in with Mira Mesa High School, and Coach F. Ake. Tryouts will occur on April 10th at the golf course on Mira Mesa High campus at 1 pm.

Boys and girls lacrosse will be competing with Serra High School, with Coach T. Rick (boys) and Coach F. Raud (girls). Tryouts will be on April 7th in the upper field at Serra High School at 2 pm. However, according to Coach T. Rick and Coach F. Raud, “The lacrosse players at Serra High School are very talented and it will be difficult to make the team.”

Softball will be training and competing with Patrick Henry High School, with Coach A. Letic. Tryouts will be happening on April 10th at the lower field located at Patrick Henry High School at 4:30 am.

Boys and girls swimming will be training and competing with Mission Bay, and Coach I.C. antswim. Tryouts will take place on April 6th at the Clairemont recreation pool at 9 pm.

Boys tennis will now be playing with University City, and Coach Ben Njerry. Tryouts will occur on April 10th at the upper tennis courts on the University City campus. Coach Njerry is very excited for the new additions to the team, “We usually have a very small boys tennis team and I’m hoping if the team does well and we win, more people will want to try out next year!”

Boys and girls track will be mixed Morse High School, with Coach M. April (girls) and Coach L. Fuhls (boys). Tryouts will be happening on April 11th at 5 am.

Boys volleyball will be competing with Kearny High School and Coach P. Reatend. Tryouts will take place on April 10th at 9 pm.

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Say Goodbye to San Diego High’s Sports Teams!