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President Donald Trump announced on April 1 that he will be visiting some inner city schools along the West Coast to inspire the youth of America.

One campus that stood out to Trump is San Diego High School, due to it being one of the oldest high schools in California. Trump said: “The way to make America great again is through the youth of today! I will be going to many inner city high schools to inspire young adults to make a difference. I will also be clearing my name within the inner city community because I love the inner cities.”

SDHS principal Hugh Fuls and Area 51 Superintendent G. Otcha commented on his speech: “We will be opening the gates and welcome the President to our campuses.”

Trump goes on to list the different schools he will be visiting. He will be visiting SDHS, April High, P. Rank High, and finally Onyou Alternative High. These schools were chosen distinctly due to their unique qualities; they are all also inner city schools.

Students of San Diego High are planning a protest that will take place when Trump arrives. The protest is not concrete, however, because the Trump administration has still to release an April arrival date. The overall message according to SDHS Senior D. Ontbelive is: “We will not stand by and let him come. The only reason he is coming is to look good in the media. He has said and done things that show how he feels about inner city schools and people. We will be making posters and handing out flyers to students who wish to participate. It will not be during school hours so you cannot be marked truant.”

SDHS sophomore Summer Isalmostere commented on this situation: “Honestly I think that Trump is really trying to do some good here, sure in the past, he has said and done things that were often insensitive, but maybe we should give him a chance. This whole protest is stupid because it will change nothing and just make it hard on the staff of San Diego High.”

Some find it unacceptable that SDHS students would protest his visit. A late night tweet on April 1 by the President said: “This is not about them. This visit is about the future of making America great again.” This statement did not fare well on Twitter. Outraged student rights activists and organizations are astonished by his tweets.

Out of the millions of outraged people that replied, a few celebrities and political figures did as well. One of whom was beloved actress Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movie series. She recently gave a speech on the sexism and inequality students face throughout their lives.

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2 Responses to “TRUMP TO VISIT SDHS!!”

  1. Eileen Bendova on April 5th, 2017 07:18

    I can’t wait for the king of America to arrive and will hold my nose while he clears his name! Thanks for the giggle!


  2. John Smith on April 5th, 2017 14:25

    I cant wait! Praise KEK!!!!1


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