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Claire Hathaway, Co-Editor, sophomore

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The month of April’s student-athlete in focus comes from the class of 2019. Madison Arias is a 15 year old sophomore attending International Studies. He is student club member and student-athlete.

Madison is a member of Campus Ministry: Jesus Club. He joined the religious club in his freshmen year. “I originally went for the pizza, to be honest, however, it was very inspirational and it was something that I enjoyed being a part of, I felt connected and in a safe environment.” He now enjoys going because the people are nice and accepting. This club has helped him develop a sense of morality and learn to follow rules. “Religion helps keep my morals in check and to be a better person, and to treat people how I want to be treated.” It has taught him to think before he acts.

He is also a very devoted lacrosse player and plays outside of school as well as on San Diego High’s lacrosse team. He devotes about 2-4 hours a day to training and preparing for his many games.

However, he isn’t the first in his family to excel in lacrosse. Madison says: “I decided to do lacrosse because it’s a tough sport I want to excel in. Very fun, very hard. It’s something I got good at quickly and it’s something my family has done in the past.” He added that his older brothers have all been members of a high school or club lacrosse team.

Madison explains that he really enjoys playing lacrosse because it has had an impact on his everyday life and made him a more athletic. He says that all the physical activity gives him a positive outlook on life, “I feel good about my body, I’m strong and I’m healthy.”

Madison said his favorite part about playing the game is that it requires strength, speed, and endurance, “It pushes me to my limits, and it’s fun as well as something I enjoy. I’m committed to something and learned to work as a team, it’s made me more confident. ” However, he added that it’s a rough sport that is quite expensive.

Madison also said that the lacrosse lifestyle has benefited him in many ways including the way he thinks and functions. He explained that he really enjoys the sport and he was the first of his friends to play, none of them really knew what it was, “It’s very East coast, but I want the sport to be big in the West.”

Be sure to catch a game, and support Madison and Caver lacrosse this season.

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