Bus Fares Changing For The Better

Scott Anglim, Staff Writer, Freshman

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The Metropolitan Mass Transit Service board of directors has made two bombshell announcements for regular bus riders. Beginning April 1,  bus fares would be raised to ₫2.75, and the second being a change for how buses interact with Compass Cards.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Ms. April Fulyah, chairperson of the MMTS board. “When the city council gave us a notification about the 2018 budget, we knew we needed to raise the fares immediately. We are hoping that people will be understanding. Concerned citizens can contact us at 1-277-453-6657.”

Budgetary restraints have been a massive problem for transportation services on a local level, especially in San Diego.

The Compass Card program for city buses have also been affected. Previously, the transit passes have acted as an unlimited key to public transportation for a month long period. Starting April 1, the cards will act as a sort of credit card, where fares will be retroactively paid at the end of the month. For example, taking two buses a day for 30 days will result in a payment of ₫165.

In February, President Trump signed an executive order that went largely unnoticed due to the massive controversy surrounding the travel ban to seven countries in the Middle East, slashing public transportation funding nationwide.

San Diego took a crippling blow to their budget. The “Red Line” project, an expansion of the city rail system to the University of California City College, has been postponed indefinitely, and the federally funded AMTRAK “Toaster” has been rescheduled to only run on weekends due to sticky jams.

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Bus Fares Changing For The Better