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Dear  DeeDee,

I have been wanting to write something to you for quite a long time, but I have always gotten distracted or pulled away from my pencil and paper.

I’ve had this problem for what feels, or has been, months, and I desperately both want and need help. Ever since before Christmas break, I’ve had this crush on another girl in my gym class. I’m completely terrified to talk to her because of her self-confidence, how different we are and because of just how pretty said girl is. I tried to leave her a note, but got no response.

I thought she had moved to another high school because that was what my someone had said, and when I saw her back in class, I was shocked and my crush was completely re-ignited.

I have also been having some problems with me ex. I still like her very, very much, and we just started talking to each other again. It already feels like she wants to get away from me again, and it doesn’t feel half as natural and happy as our past friendship and relationship.

What to do?



(P.S, thank you so much for helping!)


Dear Anonymous,

I’m delighted that you finally found the time to write to me. By your description stating how she’s a confident girl, there seems to be no need of being so terrified to talk to her. A confident girl will naturally have the confidence to talk to anyone, and if you engage in a conversation with her first, I’m sure she’d find it easy to be responsive.

I would also recommend to see her as any other friend for the moment, that way you can ease up a bit on nerves, and simply talk to her as you would to anyone else. Just think that school will soon end, before you know it, and who knows if you’ll have any classes with her next year in which you could try to talk to her again. Between now and the remaining months would be your ideal time to give it a shot.

Now about your ex, I can imagine how frustrating it must be to have someone you like be unresponsive to the way you want them. However, as you mentioned, you just started talking to her again, and things like that will gradually begin to escalate in time, if that’s what’s best for both. Give her time too, to reestablish her mind on you, and take everything one day at a time. Slow progress is still progress, regardless. Get comfortable again, bring back more of the friendship you once had, and see where it goes from there.

I wish you the best of luck on both situations.

Yours Truly,


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