Water, The Real Gold

Jesus Favela, Freshman, Business & Leadership

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The thing that deserves a given moment and thought is water. It’s everywhere, I mean anywhere I can think and imagine. For example, our bodies, the oceans, the mountains, drinking water, pools.
It’s something we use every single day of our lives but do people know anything about it? Some people know its atomic structure, H2O, but there is more to it than that. Like minerals that water contains and that we need or how pure water is. Some people are allergic to water. The purest form (ultra clean) is dangerous for humans. Water is so advanced, and the way it works is more difficult when it comes to fluid physics.

We are still currently in a drought in California. We keep wasting water on useless things. We need to start taking water for what it is, a critical resource. The part that is confusing is it should be more costly than gold but, should be free for all humans and animals. For instance, all the water in the world is not drinkable but only 1 percent of it is drinkable, and then 90 percent of that 1 percent is not reachable.

Water is such an important everyday thing, but we don’t take it for the best of it. We, humans, are mostly water. 31 percent of our bones consist of water. To be completely honest water is the most necessary thing in the world. For cooling machines and even making energy. Also, water is the only substance known to be in all three states of matter naturally on earth. There are parts unknown about water, how different pressures cause different boiling points.
Water is much more than we all see.

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Water, The Real Gold