YaY For Prom!!

For one night you can be Cinderella and Prince Charming

Sydney Morgan, managing editor, graduating senior

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Being a Queen or a King is something that many students wish they could be. To dress up and show off their best outfits and look their hottest is an activity that many students enjoy. Senior Prom is where graduating students have the opportunities to make that happen. When students attend prom they are allowed to wear clothes fit for royalty and dance all night as if they were attending an actual ball. Well, not all night, just like Cinderella and Prince Charming when the clock strikes midnight, they have to go back to a boring, lackluster reality.

Although just like a princess and prince they will have the best night of their high school lives. Prom provides seniors with a sense of accomplishment and undying happiness. They have made it through four years of high school maintaining an acceptable GPA, citizenship, and attendance. They have taken all their classes, tests, electives, SATs or ACTs, and pushed through high school like a fighter. This end of the senior year tradition is something that they have earned for themselves and it is a rite of passage that they deserve. Not only have they worked extremely hard to attend prom, ultimately it will make them extremely happy to go, hang out with their friends and literally have a ball. Everyone at some point in their lives deserves to feel beautiful and prom provides them with that feeling. Seeing themselves dressed to perfection and all of their friends is a feeling that they will appreciate and remember for years to come.

Although prom is an exciting function that teens should experience, a lot of people argue that it is too expensive and a waste of money for one night. It is not some useless dance where attendees pay hundreds of dollars to go to. Historians believe proms may have existed at colleges as early as the late 1800s.So for a very long time the dance has been around so seniors could be able to enjoy it.

Prom is an animating time for seniors. It symbolizes the closing chapter of their high school years, the last hoorah before they head off to tackle another chapter of their lives. Ms. Millen, an English teacher at Scitech, said: “No matter how lame it is, you should go to prom.” However, it is understandable why people might be intimidated especially due to the cost of prom. Despite some of the financial burdens seniors may face, missing out on an activity just for them is ridiculous. Prom is meant for seniors to say an excellent job to them for working so incredibly hard for the past four years of theirs lives.

For the naysayers who say that prom is a waste of time and money will be missing out on a day to not only look and feel beautiful. They will never get the opportunity to see their friends dressed in beautiful gowns or tuxes, or make fun of the ridiculous themes students picked for prom or go to an extravagant venue decorated kind of stunning. This will be their last school dance, the last time where nothing else matters but the crazy dances they will do with their friends and the bland food and drinks that will be there. The last time for the amazing car rides in the limo with their group of friends and the last time they will get a ‘promposal’. The last real time they will ever just get to be teenagers with no worries or stress.

This is one of the things that all students should do when it is their senior year. Students should not waste an opportunity trying to be ‘cool’ or go against the crowd because they think it will be boring. Seniors should not let anything or anyone get in the way of them going to prom and having the most extraordinary time of their lives.

Also for all those students who are too afraid to ask someone to prom, do it. Do not be scared of the idea of them saying no, or feeling rejected.

And finally do not overlook the girl or boy that is right in front of you because chances are they want to go with you.

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YaY For Prom!!