Students Have A Can Do Spirit

Special Olympics Held at SDH

Adriana Cedillo & Asusena Solano, staff writers, 9th grade

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This year’s Special Olympics took place on March 23rd at Balboa Stadium. Many teachers, students, and staff came out and supported the student-athletes. Participating schools from the San Diego District that competed included Lincoln, Hoover, Morse, Crawford and our Caver athletes. Soccer and wheelchair races were some games that they played during the day of competition.

The Special Olympics is an event dedicated to bringing awareness no obstacle is too great to stop anyone from doing something that they want to do and achieve. The annual event was San Diego High’s first year as host of the Olympics and most agreed that it was a very successful day.

Cheerleaders from Morse and San Diego came out and supported their teams in a spirit of harmony and friendship. Many observers and participants had experience with past Olympic events. Some teachers got to experience it firsthand as well. The heat was a big problem, but it did not stop the students from participating in the exciting games and events.

All students showed a huge smile on their faces, as parents and staff cheered them on. Every participating student was active throughout the day showing their skills and abilities in the various events.

One Morse high teacher cheered on his team and said: “I’m glad that the students are excited to be out and since this is my first year I get to experience something new with the class.”

Another supporter said it took a lot of hard work to train for the soccer games and wheelchair races to prepare for the day.

After their day of competition in the sun, a barbecue awaited them. Participants, staff and teachers were able to interact with others, as they sat and relaxed for the rest of their time at SDH.

From this experience not only did the five schools come together but they also made new friendships. It was a memorable day for everyone, and all students had a great time.

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Students Have A Can Do Spirit