Students want good food

Gustavo Martinez, Freshman, Business & Leadership

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As a student at San Diego high school, I have a concern about the food. The school does not have any tasty food for the pupils. We still eat it, but we don’t like the smell of it.

The school can get more food, not the cheeseburgers that it gives out or the hot dogs. Also, all the food we have in the school is usually burned.

If it’s possible to throw the bad food and buy enough of what we like, I think the students will eat more in school, and not buy it from McDonalds or Jack-in-the-Box. I think students buy more fast-food and are late to school or ditch school to buy it.

Students bring snacks but eat them in class, and leave the bag in class or leave little bits of it on the floor, like candy, or gum. Teachers don’t like eating in their classrooms because ants and other bugs go in the class and the teachers have to fix it.

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Students want good food