Throw Away Your Trash!

Stephanie Gonzalez, Freshman, Business & Leadership

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What should we do about the trash lying around on the floors and walkways? I think our school should do something about what is left behind and not picked up. Everything that is left is pretty nasty. Other students probably feel the same as I do. I am pretty sure that none of us would like to have new shoes and get them dirty because of food that is lying on the hallway floors.

So why not? Throwing your trash away can help us have our school, SDHS, be cleaner. It can benefit us by having clean hallways. Having trash all over the floor and hallways looks very gross and it makes our school look filthy. It doesn’t look very nice.

To me it is embarrassing for visitors to come to our school and see that we have trash that is not picked up. What I suggest is that all students should take their trash before they leave to their next period. If they see any other students leaving without picking up their trash, tell them to pick it up.

Throw your trash away, do a benefit for our school.

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Throw Away Your Trash!