R.I.P. MVPA (Pro)

Joana Machado, photojournalist/staff writer

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As an MVPA student I am not surprised that our school is shutting down. We have been expecting this for two years and finally it’s coming to a conclusion. At least for us, the seniors, who have been involved and actually care about what happens in our school the closing of MVPA is not a surprise. MVPA has had the lowest scores in the complex, lowest GPA, lowest student involvement, and one of the worst attendance since my freshmen year. Whose fault is it? The teachers’? The principal’s? The students’? It is everyone’s fault. The school is not working properly if there is not enough effort and cooperation from all of these individuals. Yeah, it sucks that our school is going to be shut down, but why didn’t we do something about it in the last two years ago? The answer is simple, only a few people care. Most of the students do not care about their education and other students do care but they simply do not do anything about the problems that the school has been facing for years. Why not? Because we are a school that does not like the involvement.

With this change MVPA students will have a chance to choose from a greater variety of electives, AP and advanced courses, and join different clubs. This is for the better of the students and the San Diego High Complex. Of course it will be a challenge for students to start at a different school with other students and teachers, but it’s a challenge that is worth it. Students should be pushed academically by other students and this will make the students more competitive. Being in a different school should bring the students to have fresh ideas and become more involved in their classes, something that MVPA lacks. This will give the MVPA students a glimpse of how real life works. Stuff like this happens all the time and they have to be accustomed to change and to getting out of their comfort zone.

The students have to stop complaining and start taking action. Ms. Kay says that there is nothing more annoying than people complaining and not doing anything to confront an issue. Of course we complain and get upset about it, but nothing is going to change. From my perspective as a school we should have been working harder on improving our overall performance two years ago, but very few cared about it. It’s really not a surprise, if you really cared about your school then you should have done something about it earlier. But now with a few days until the final decision is made by the school board there’s not much that we can do.

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R.I.P. MVPA (Pro)