Beauty Scars

Brianna Villanueva, editor in chief

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Makeup hides more than physical imperfections. Makeup has the ability to make yourself esteem and confidence levels go up.

Often, makeup artists take their skills and use it as a therapeutic relief. It feels good to know your clients are happy. Usually young girls that find themselves lonely and hurt turn to makeup as a sort of relaxation.

From experience I know doing my makeup helps me relax and feel better. When I’m having a bad day I turn to it to make me feel better. My day all depends on how my daily makeup turns out. More importantly, nice eyebrows are essential. If my eyebrows are not on “fleek” or on point, then I’ll have a bad day and won’t feel like myself.

A cosmetic not only covers up scars and blemishes but it also covers up the imperfections within. It builds character and basically describes the person within.

A person who actually takes the time to do their makeup every morning is usually a morning person or likes having a good appearance.

One who does their makeup in a hurry every morning like whatever explains their perspective on life and appearances.

Girls tend to hide behind it, behind the idea of making yourself into a better person. Everyone has a story behind them.

Don’t judge someone by looking at them, for some reason they are the person they are today.

They could be the ugliest person but have the best personality. The same goes for the prettiest face, they could have the worst personality behind them.

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Beauty Scars