Cavers Bleed Blue and White

Brianna Villanueva, editor in chief

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One campus, four schools in competition. Bleeding blue and white is far more important than having grudges against other schools.

We are Cavers. We are all as one.

The day we step foot on to Balboa Stadium to graduate it is not about what small school you come from, it’s about who you are, a Caver.

Whether you have pride in your school or not, you are graduating from San Diego High, home of the Cavers.

Within the four small schools on campus it seems as if we all just compete against each other. Students thinking they are better than one another. Something we all seem to forget is that we are all equal. We are all cavers.

It is pretty understandable where the competition comes from. It does not help if teachers and principals contribute to it. A little competition is not that bad in the case of becoming a better person. But what good is it if it’s causing segregation within the small schools?

The division does come from mini schools but it is one complex site.

It is really ironic since we are all part of the San Diego Unified School District, we should be seen as one united school.

San Diego High needs to become more unified. Maybe SDHS becoming only one big school would decrease the division between the schools. If teachers around the campus would encourage students to not judge other schools as much we would have less rivalry. It seems as if principals competing to make their school better encourages us, as students to compete against each other. You lead by example. Monkey see, monkey do.

It’s a cycle; first starts off with the principals, then staff and ends with students but then it still continues. As a whole campus, this hatred is not doing any good for any of us or the school. Why waste time criticizing and attempting to make another school feel less than just because they do not have the same privileges as your school does?

The day will come when all schools end up combining and merging into one school. That would end our school segregation but then the question is, who will become the main principal?

I smell more competition awaiting.

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Cavers Bleed Blue and White