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Brianna VIllanueva, editor in chief

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Friends in the real world or friends over a network? Having friends on social network does not entirely mean you have friends in the real world. You can have over a thousand friends on Facebook but does that really mean you have a thousand friends in real life? Of course not. If you’re going through a stage of depression, how many of those friends will reach out to you?

You could be ”instafamous”, have a lot of followers on Instagram, get a lot of likes on a random picture but it wouldn’t pay your bills. A lot of retweets will not get you a job.

I mean it could build your reputation but what good would that do you?

What’s interesting about technology is that if you type any name in Google, the results will be so much information and you never know if it will end up being good or bad. The internet has no chill seriously.

Social networks’ are behind everything, as if they control certain individuals.

For example, Facebook gets paid to advertise certain things online. While famous Instagramers get paid to take “selfies” with products. Known Twitter users tweet and get paid.

There’s advantages to being known on social networks and having followers only if you’re benefitting from it. Last year a student that attended San Diego High got paid to advertise certain products on his Twitter account. He’s now living in an LA apartment by himself with the money he makes from advertising on Twitter.

In every situation, there’s a good and bad outcome. Bad results could be someone pretending to be you. That person could pose as you and you will never even find out. In serious situations a person could have a multiple personality disorder in which they themselves believe they’re someone else. Might sound quite extreme but what if it really does happen? I suppose it would be really weird and scary right?

Before you take a social network too serious consider all the aftereffects. Does the internet benefit you and how?

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