A Senior’s Final Year

Brianna Villanueva, editor in chief

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Senior year, the most fun and interesting year known to mankind is finally here for us that waited four years. Every underclass student on campus has at least said “I can’t wait for senior year” once in their life time. No student has ever gone to a high school without saying that he or she wasn’t excited for their senior year.

Senior year is probably the best year for every student. With all the expenses and events that we have to make and go to, all the senior fun activities that we’ve been looking forward to since the first day we stepped on campus.

Prom has probably been the most look forward to activity since back when the dinosaurs walked this earth. It wouldn’t be nice to exclude dinosaurs, I’m sure they had a prom as well. I might tend to be quite extreme but prom is the big deal.

Something that never gets mentioned is how overwhelming senior year could be. It comes with emotions, emotions and even more emotions. This is the time that we have to prepare for the real world. Once we leave high school we won’t have teachers to motivate us to strive for the best.

It seems to be the more excited we are for something, the more we end up being disappointed. Senior year is the year that the real world hits us.

Most of us will be moving out, going off to college or searching for jobs. The day we have to spend our own money on shampoo and bar soap will literally kill us and make us wish we stopped growing.

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A Senior’s Final Year