A Better Tomorrow

Brianna VIllanueva, editor in chief

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Some people have asked me how I do it. How do I manage my life as a senior student, a cheerleader, a daughter, and a girlfriend? In reality, I don’t. I haven’t prepared myself for college. I recently was injured a while back which has limited me from cheering for the whole season. I have family problems that I have to deal with on a daily basis. My relationship with my boyfriend has its downfalls just like every other relationship.

How do I deal with all this yet still appear to be happy? At times the happiest people are the ones dealing with hell. We could all use a break from life once in a while. I’ve felt like giving up just like everyone else has, experiencing this same emotional breakdown.

My senior year has especially been the worst so far. Ever since freshmen year I always looked forward to my senior year. Now I look back and wish I could appreciate the moments in which nothing mattered to me.

The most common emotion a student deals with is stress. Most students stress over school, family or their personal life.

School, being a number one priority, can create a lot of stress. Most students deal with this emotion in different ways. While a few let off steam, others don’t. Students that tend to keep it bottled in appear to be the happiest.

As we grow, we eventually build this wall to protect our feelings. We then begin to hide our emotions and fake a smile.

As a student it could be hard dealing with school and also having to deal with the real world. Building up stress could be varied to us depending on how much we can tolerate. Each of us has our own limits. There’s only so much someone can take. We never know a person’s limit until the finally reach their breaking point.

When we feel like the world is coming down and crashing right in front of our eyes, what do we do? Do we scream “THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!” or do we keep quiet and hope for a better tomorrow? How does it feel to be overwhelmed but still have the urge to keep on, keeping on? When we’re drowning in our emotions and despair, how do we think to ourselves “just keep swimming?” Is the end even worth struggling for? If life was a book, would you read until the end of it?

Life is about the ups and downs, and hoping for better tomorrows.

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